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Auto Door Lift

It Is Recommended For Lifts Being Used At Public Places Building Handling High Traffic The Range Of Lift Available Is From 4 To 40 Person ,The Speed Of Travel Range From Single To Speed Of 0.7m/Ss To Variable Speed Of 1.5m/s

Manual Door Lift

Manual Door Are Handled Continuously For Entering And Exiting The Elevator, Hence These Doors Have To Be Robust To Take The Continuous Ware And Tare.

Bunglow Elevator

Sailent Features :
  • Machine roomless
  • Gearless
  • Tottaly maintenance free
  • Working on 1 hp only
  • Available in "Ready to Install
  • Absolute freedom in designing
  • Requires minimum of floor place

Hospital Elevator

Brahmastra Technologies offer Vertical transportation system for modern hospitals have special requirement such as spacious and durable car, smooth and comfortable travel, accurate stop with inch up and inch down push button control in car, emergency control features and above all, reliability with safety. The car dimensions are as per the Indian Standard requirements for Hospital lifts.

Goods Elevator

Brahmastra Technologies offers a complete range of goods or freight elevators for different applications involving transportation of goods. The capacity ranges from 500 kg. To 7000 kg. depending upon the requirement. There are also a variety of door types available such as collapsible gates, Automatic doors, Double swing doors etc. Option for car elevators is also available to be used in multi storey parking.

Roomless / Gearless Elevator

Brahmastra Technologies offer to brings you a revolutionary concept in the field of elevators to give you absolute freedom in designing- MRL -Machine Room Less Elevators! Our exclusive Machine room less elevators brings aesthetic enhancements for you structure.

Service Elevators / Dumbwaiters

Service Elevators / Dumbwaiters are definitely a boon to large commercial organizations like hotels, restaurants etc. They can be designed to suit a specific application like carrying mails, food and other light weight stuff.

Escalators / Moving Walks

Major urban developement is made possible due to the transportaion technology. We at Brhamastra are determined to play a major role in vertical transportaion of all kinds.